Belleville Destinations from Limos Michigan

Johnny's Grill on the Lake

146 High St
Belleville, MI 48111
Phone number (734) 699-1777

Johnny's Grill on the Lake is hugely popular with our Limos Michigan customers in the Belleville area. They request it all the time and we think it's due in large part to the beautiful outdoor patio that is in such high demand in the warmer months of the year. One of the perks of visiting it in the colder months, though, is the fact that it's a bit slower and you'll have much more room for your Limos Michigan group to spread out and enjoy yourselves indoors! The food is just great here. We highly recommend the onion rings alongside your main dish, and you'll certainly fall in love with the steaks and burgers here, just like we have! Great drinks too!

Bayou Grill

404 Main St
Belleville, MI 48111
Phone number (734) 697-2300

Another Limos Michigan favorite in Belleville has got to be Bayou Grill. This is the place where you can get the most delectable soul food around! If you thought you had to travel all the way to New Orleans or perhaps out closer to the Detroit area to get some really yummy N'awlins favorites like these, boy were you ever wrong! It's wonderful to have a place like this right in our own Belleville backyard. Limos Michigan customers have been very impressed with the pleasant ambiance, the clean atmosphere, the friendly service, and the incredible quality of the food that is served here. The gumbo is our absolute favorite and what we recommend most highly!

Egan's Pub

396 Main St
Belleville, MI 48111
Phone number (734) 325-7451

For our Limos Michigan customers who are looking for a great sports bar and pub in the Belleville area, we always send them to Egan's. This is the low key and comfortable Irish pub that people in this area are always raving about. From our own personal experiences here, it's all about the old fashioned service that makes you feel like you are somebody special. Whether you're there for lunch or dinner, or just to watch the big game on TV, you're treated like a superstar and that makes all the difference in the world. All your pub favorites are here and we most highly recommend the burgers, steaks, and the fish and chips. Can't go wrong with the classics!

Twisted Rooster

9729 Belleville Rd
Belleville, MI 48111
Phone number (734) 697-6201

Twisted Rooster is a place in Belleville that is known for its burgers and chicken, and we highly recommend it when you're looking for a smart place to dine and drink around here! The bar area is a super pleasant place for your Limos Michigan groups to sit, with lots of tall tables and some half booths for your enjoyment as well. As far as the food goes, you cannot make a wrong turn if you choose the amazing fish tacos, the beloved lobster mac, and of course the candied apple bread pudding! We can't think of a more essential dessert than that. And where else are you going to find that kind of flavor? Truly impressive in every way, we love this place!

Asian Garden

10840 Belleville Rd
Belleville, MI 48111
Phone number (734) 697-0171

Asian Garden really serves up a mind blowing array of Asian food, including Chinese food, Vietnamese favorites, and delicious sushi. It's easy to overlook this one since it's tucked away in a strip mall, but don't judge this book by its cover. Many Limos Michigan customers are smart enough to look past the exterior and discover the gem that is within, and you'll be very glad if you do the same. The prices are just unbelievably low here! We recommend starting with some egg drop soup to get your appetite going, and then dive into some pho, spring rolls, and perhaps some lo mein and sesame chicken! The sushi, too, is fabulous!

48111, 48112