Ecorse Destinations from Limos Michigan

Auburn Cafe

3520 W Jefferson Ave
Ecorse, MI 48229
Phone number (313) 381-8133

Auburn Cafe is one of the classic choices for our Limos Michigan customers who are traveling in Ecorse with all their good friends. This Greek restaurant is a really beloved Downriver destination. The setting is laid back and casual, more like a bar than a restaurant, but the food is of the highest caliber when it comes to Greek food in this area. The kabobs have got to be our favorite thing on the menu and we also go wild for all of their desserts. The staff is comprised of some of the friendliest and kindest people around, which only adds more quality to your overall dining experience. One of Limos Michigan's top recommendations in Ecorse and beyond!

Detroit Princess Riverboat

Detroit, MI 48218
Phone number (877) 338-2628

Why not jump from the Limos Michigan limousine straight onto a boat? You're really living the life when you decide to take a relaxing cruise on the Detroit Princess Riverboat. We love when they have Motown Night and other themed nights when our customers can really just let loose and have a wonderful time swaying to the music and sipping champagne. Of course you can hire them for your own private events as well, and that makes it even more fun! They've got generous pours at the bar which furthers your money and gives you a nice buzz without having to break the bank. Get out on the water and par-tay with Limos Michigan and Detroit Princess Riverboat!

Grand Port Cafe

4453 W Jefferson Ave
Ecorse, MI 48229
Phone number (313) 928-9792

This charming little cafe has been here as long as we can remember and probably for decades before that! Located right there on the water on West Jefferson, this Ecorse classic is as old fashioned and cozy as it gets. That old fashioned counter with the stools, the overall diner vibe, the old school service... We could go on and on. They've got all your old timey favorites here too, like hamburgers, hot dogs, malts and shakes, and yummy fries. If you want to feel like you have escaped the 21st century and have gone back to the 1950s when everything was simpler and sweeter, Grand Port Cafe right here in Ecorse is your Limos Michigan destination!


277 Southfield Rd
Ecorse, MI 48229
Phone number (313) 381-3090

Seeking a low-key dive bar in the Ecorse area for your upcoming Limos Michigan trip? Big-O-Cafe is it. Super duper cheap, just a few domestic brews available and only in bottles, and just the bare bones basics of a Downriver bar. As a dive bar aficionado, you will love it! If you're more the upscale modern type, steer clear. To each their own, right? But yes, this cozy little place has got you covered when it comes to cheap partying in an old fashioned dive bar atmosphere. The history of the place is what it's all about. Love the happy hour prices and the juke box is well stocked too! A definite must-visit for dive bar lovers traveling with Limos Michigan in Ecorse!

Flapper's Cafe

722 Southfield Rd
Lincoln Park, MI 48146
Phone number (313) 383-3200

Flapper's Cafe is another place that might fall into the dive bar category, but this one's cleaner and more enticing than most! They have a beautiful outdoor patio that is a very popular spot in the heat of the summer. The food is absolutely delicious here, including yummy hamburgers and fried fish that will really satisfy even the hungriest Limos Michigan travelers. Not actually located in Ecorse, but in nearby Lincoln Park, this is convenient for you and just a great place to be. A very popular local hangout for lunch and late into the evenings. Superb service by one of the friendliest staffs in the Downriver area. Very highly recommended to Limos Michigan customers!