Flat Rock Destinations from Limos Michigan

Big Bear Lodge

25253 Telegraph Rd
Flat Rock, MI 48134
Phone number (734) 782-6600

It would be impossible to count the number of times that Limos Michigan has recommended Big Bear Lodge to our hungry limousine-traveling customers in the Flat Rock area of Michigan! This place is just so cool. We are talking about a true lodge type of feel with antler chandeliers and all kinds of big game decor. Nothing over the top or crazy though, just nice and cozy and beautiful. They feature wood-fired pizzas here that are absolutely delectable and we've always been fans of their huge fresh salads, yummy steaks, and amazing burgers. There's a full bar for your enjoyment and absolutely exquisite service. Highly recommended for Limos Michigan partygoers!


25418 Telegraph Rd
Flat Rock, MI 48134
Phone number (734) 782-3300

A true classic in the Downriver and Flat Rock areas, this one has been going strong for so many decades now. Primarily known for their incredible breakfasts, Piper's is actually a wonderful place to visit any time of day. They are well known for their chicken pot pie and that's something that we would not hesitate to recommend to you. We love the old fashioned diner vibe that this place has and the fact that they have those cute little tiny jukeboxes on each table. It's tough to find a place like this anymore, so appreciate it while you still can! A true Flat Rock classic and an absolute Limos Michigan favorite! One of our highest recommendations.

Michael's on the River

28828 Telegraph Rd
Flat Rock, MI 48134
Phone number (734) 782-1401

It's true that Michael's on the River is a dive bar, but it's also one of the best dive bars in the Flat Rock area, and the fact is, they have some of the absolute best food in town! Located right on the water at Hu Roc Park, this is a prime spot for your enjoyment in the summer months and all year round. You'll love noshing on their amazing perch and they've also got some of the tastiest shrimp that we have ever laid tastebuds on. The selection of beer, wine, and spirits is something to write home about and the level of service that you receive here is much higher than what you'd expect of a place labeled as a "dive"! Gotta love it. A top Limos Michigan choice!

Big Boy

27050 Telegraph Rd
Flat Rock, MI 48134
Phone number (734) 782-0606

We know what you're thinking... "If you've been to one Big Boy, you've been to them all." But that's not true in the case of this Flat Rock location! In our opinion, this is the very best Big Boy in the entire state. The owner takes particular care to present a wonderful dining experience here, complete with all the best of what Big Boy has always had to offer. This is a family favorite out here and everybody just loves it. The soup and salad bar is just as big of a hit as it was back in the day, and it's super clean and always packed with fresh items to enjoy. That huge classic menu, the low prices, the great service... it all adds up to a Limos Michigan Flat Rock favorite!

Salute Special Events & The Roc

26125 & 26123 E Huron River Dr
Flat Rock, MI 48134
Phone number (734) 931-0911

Salute Special Events and The Roc are two wonderful establishments in one that we highly recommend for you to take advantage of during your Limos Michigan trip in Flat Rock! If you've got a huge private party that you're planning, the banquet hall that is Salute Special Events is your destination of choice. If you've got a smaller limousine get together in the works, The Roc is their attached bar that is so cozy and beautiful with a fireplace and lots of upscale touches. The people who work here are true professionals that can really help with your party planning process, along with Limos Michigan. A very high recommendation for this area!