Welcome to Limos Michigan!

Let us extend a warm welcome to the web space of Limos Michigan! In perusing our site, we think you'll see why we are the state's pre-eminent supplier of luxury transportation. We are happy and fortunate to have had the opportunity of providing Michigan with great vehicles at awesome prices since 2008.

Michigan is home to some of the most beautiful countryside in the U.S. It is also home to some of the friendliest cities and towns you'll find. While Michigan, in recent years, has been no stranger to hardship... we've not lost our welcoming nature in the process. To us this is a tribute to the hard working people in the region, and a testament to the overall good nature of those who live here. We are proud to have earned so much of your business, and it is our constant mission to both improve our services and our fleet. It is our goal to bring you, the people of Michigan, the best combination of pricing, service, and selection available out there today.

While a limo company should have awesome vehicles, they should also have superb chauffeurs to pilot them. In that regard, our business is a resounding success. With dedication, hard work, and perseverance, Limos Michigan has assembled the finest collective of chauffeurs in the industry. They are the driving force for our company, and the front lines which are sure to leave the most lasting impression on what becomes of your evening. It is their smiling faces, and their astute attention to the finest of details which will make the biggest difference on your day or evening. We welcome you to put our belief in our chauffeurs to the test! Book with us today and we'll be sure to set you up with the best in the industry.

Our company is comprised of consummate professionals. Not just our chauffeurs too. You'll find that our booking agents are the friendliest in the industry, and quite adept and ready to handle anything you'll bring before them. Our maintenance crew is dedicated and works tirelessly to insure the premium appearance of our fleet, as well as the perfect operation of our vehicles out on the road. For us, it is the complete team that comprises the foundations for our success. And it is because of our great people that we have experienced such growth and prosperity. We invite you to contact us at any time to inquire or procure a reservation!
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