About Limos Michigan

Limos Michigan is a company located in South East Michigan, and is in the fortunate position of having placed itself in the forefront of the luxury transportation industry from top to bottom our company is comprised of like-minded individuals who share in the common goal of providing our clientele with the highest level of service standards and best quality luxury vehicles in the region. You might ask yourself just how we are able to achieve this? Well read on for our take as to how we were able to attain such excellence in such a short period of time...

In 2008 we were a fledgeling company with the goal of becoming the leader in our area for providing the highest level of unique luxury transportation rental services. Tirelessly we worked to accumulate the best vehicles we could find, and equipped them to include amenities which would literally blow our clients minds! This, was the easy part. And, we feel that we've achieved a level of success which is unparalleled for our area.

The most important part of any organization, we knew, was the foundation to build upon. Our staff. We have continually worked to seek out and retain the most dedicated people who share in our common goal of giving you the best service and best limos and limousine buses out there. Each and every one of the people who have come to work with us in our pursuit of excellence has provided us with a dedicated professional who won't rest until the job is done. So, you can imagine, with a fleet of vehicles leaving our garage continually... our folks work pretty hard. Our client representatives are world class in their ability to answer calls and emails all throughout the day and night, and provide you with the highest level of service. From there, once you're booked... it will be the people who work behind the scenes who insure that your vehicle is top flight once your day arrives. The mechanics we keep on staff, and the vehicle maintenance crews work endlessly in their pursuit of vehicular excellence. It's never clean enough, or operating new enough for them to take a break. They want to insure your run is the perfect run you desire! Then, once your day arrives, our great people once again come to the forefront! Your chauffeur becomes the star of the show, and their distinct attention to detail will make all the difference to you in the end.

If this sounds good to you, contact us at any time to find out more, or to book your dream run today!