Limos Michigan Pricing Policies

Limos Michigan has been with you through all the difficult times. We understand the need to have fair and honest pricing policies, and that is what we work toward having. In doing business with us, you'll find that along with our top of the line vehicles, we have pricing set up to be competitive with all of the region's limo companies.

Limos Michigan doesn't have a set pricing scale. Why, you ask? Well, in order to maintain our profitability as well as give you the fairest pricing possible we vary our pricing to match our operating costs at any given time. What does this mean? It means that you, our customer, is getting the fairest price we can offer at any given time. The only time we raise our prices, is during times in which our operating costs increase. You'll find that if fuel costs rise sharply, that our pricing may have to increase to compensate. Or, if the demand for our services is extremely high at any given time or season, we are required to keep more staff on location for longer periods of time to keep our fleet clean, running, and in optimum condition. This added manpower comes at a cost, and because of this; Limos Michigan will have to increase costs a bit to compensate. The benefit comes in when our costs are low, you'll find that you'll pay less at these times too. With this structure, everyone wins!

Given what you know now about Limos Michigan's pricing setup, there are some obvious ways you can save yourself money if you're needing premium transportation at a reduced price. You can avoid the high demand seasons... prom season, wedding season, tailgate season etc... And also you can avoid the high demand days that are generally Friday, Saturday, and sometimes Sunday. If you're able to plan ahead, and avoid our peak times, you will find yourself saving a good sum overall! If you have any questions regarding when our priciest times are, simply contact us at any time. We'll be happy to work you through our process and do our best to save you as much as possible!

The following information is crucial to our agents for finding accurate pricing. please have as much of the information below as possble when you call:
Date you'd like service
Time you'd like to be picked up
City of pick up
City of drop off
Number of passengers