Canton Destinations from Limos Michigan

Hayden's Grill & Bar

39895 Ford Rd
Canton, MI 48187
Phone number (734) 895-3388

Our top choice for dining and drinking in the Canton area during your Limos Michigan trip would have to be Hayden's Grill & Bar. This is the kind of place that is so open and spacious, with tall ceilings and beautiful decor, just the kind of space where you want to have your bigger celebrations with your very best friends. It's casual and nice, not overdone, and just a cool spot to hang and have a great conversation. The beef medallions are definitely our favorite dish here and that just goes so well with a nice ice cold beer. Great service and some very affordable prices really round this one out and make it a must-visit for our Limos Michigan customers!

Bailey's Pub 'n Grille

1777 N Canton Ctr Rd
Canton, MI 48187
Phone number (734) 844-1137

A very tough call to put this one second on the list, as it's very close to being our #1 recommendation for Canton! Limos Michigan customers love it here and they tell us that it's all about the classy yet casual ambiance, the tall liquor shelves behind the center bar that make it look so delectable, and the music videos on all the flat screens throughout the bar. The bathrooms are always super clean here and the ambiance in general is just really comfortable, making you want to hang out for a good long while and enjoy the night with your Limos Michigan friends. Canton definitely has a winner right here. Let's hope it lasts forever.

Rusty Nail Lounge

43845 Ford Rd
Canton, MI 48187
Phone number (734) 981-0076

Rusty Nail Lounge is a more low key dive bar type of place here in the Canton area that our Limos Michigan customers love to take advantage of for some good stiff drinks that are super cheap! You just won't believe how low the prices are here and they're even lower during the week when they serve up some of the most incredible drink specials! The selection of beer and liquor is a little small, but that's not such a bad trade-off when you get a look at those prices. The place is clean and comfortable and the service is always good. The bacon burger with cheddar is our go-to item here. Lots of televisions for the sports fans! What more could you ask for?

Basement Burger Bar

42452 Ford Rd
Canton, MI 48187
Phone number (734) 927-0100

One of the newer additions to the Canton area, this one is perhaps a little too small for some Limos Michigan groups, but it's just fine for call-ahead carry-out to enjoy in the limousine with your good buddies! And what better way to wrap up an evening than with a handful of burgers, some good crisp fries, and maybe some fresh salad to go along with it? Mm-mmm good! We like the fact that the burgers are cooked to order here and that you have so many options when it comes to fresh and high quality toppings. The bison and kobe are delish and how about those turkey burgers? The choice between fries and tots is just too hard, so choose both!

O'Sushi Japanese Restaurant

42408 Ford Rd
Canton, MI 48187
Phone number (734) 981-4166

Our final recommendation for our Limos Michigan customers in the Canton area is O'Sushi. This is one of two O'Sushi locations, the other one being in Dearborn, and this Canton location is in fact the original. We've always been stumped by the Irish sounding name for this Japanese sushi roll haven, but who cares what it's called when the food is so good? We are absolutely addicted to their Michigan rolls and their Bahama rolls, and that's just the beginning. They've even got a spicy salmon pizza roll concoction that will have you going wild, and the Buffalo beef rolls are mind blowingly good, knocking typical teriyaki rolls out of the running! Dee-lish!

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