Detroit Destinations from Limos Michigan

Bucharest Grill

2040 Park Ave
Detroit, MI 48226
Phone number (313) 965-3111

Bucharest Grill is a major highlight for our Limos Michigan customers who are traveling in the Downtown Detroit vicinity. This is a great Middle Eastern restaurant slash Coney Island joint, the type of place that combines the best of the diner world with the best of yummy Mediterranean food! What more could you want? We're enormous fans of the chicken shawarma and many say that this is the very best that you will find in and around Detroit, maybe even in all of Michigan! The lamb and beef shawarma is equally good. The garlic and hummus are unbelievable as well and we're truly in love with their grape leaves. Open til 2am most nights!


1128 Washington Blvd
Detroit, MI 48226
Phone number (313) 442-1600

Roast is a really premium steakhouse with premium prices to go along with it, but we feel that it's worth every penny. This Detroit area gem is a Limos Michigan favorite and we'd love to tell you why. Steak lovers are obsessed with the offerings that are listed on the menu, and everyone loves the fact that they have a separate bar and restaurant menu too! Some of the most popular items on the menu include the beef cheek pierogies, the Brussels sprouts, and the bone marrow. We are talking about truly delectable gourmet choices here. The full bar only makes it more of an essential for your Limos Michigan trip in Downtown Detroit! Love it!

Jacoby's German Biergarten

624 Brush St
Detroit, MI 48226
Phone number (313) 962-7067

If you thought you had to go all the way to Germany for a truly authentic German pub experience, think again! Detroit has got you covered and Limos Michigan can take you there. Jacoby's German Biergarten is just amazing. Not only are the prices in the moderate range but they open much earlier than most pubs in Detroit, making it a prime lunch spot! The jager schnitzel is one of our favorite things on the menu and we're all but obsessed with their red cabbage and potato pancakes! The sausage soup will drive your tastebuds wild with so many different kinds of bratwurst! Open til 2am most nights and a full bar with happy hour too!

Vincente's Cuban Cuisine

1250 Library St
Detroit, MI 48226
Phone number (313) 962-8800

As with the previous place and their authentic German pub experience, you do not have to go to Cuba to get an authentic Cuban dining experience! It's right here in the heart of Detroit. Vincente's is not only a wonderful restaurant but it's also a fantastic dance club, so you can truly get that full Cuban experience all under one roof. The tapas offerings here are truly ideal for your Limos Michigan groups, so that you can order up a whole bunch of them and then share, getting a little taste of everything. The tres leches cake is our prime choice for dessert and we really think everyone in your limousine group will go wild over it! Love this place!

Foran's Grand Trunk Pub

612 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48226
Phone number (313) 961-3043

A classic American pub right in Downtown Detroit is Foran's Grand Trunk Pub. This is a former Grand Trunk rail station, so there's all kinds of history running through the veins of this establishment. It's a blast to ask the bartenders about it and get the whole story, or just to wind down with a cold beer and feel the vibes for yourself. The architectural detail here is stunning and the d├ęcor is absolutely beautiful and very fitting. Our favorite things here are the olive burgers and the veggie riot sandwiches. We're also in love with the fried pickles and the chicken fingers for our apps! Open until 2am every single night, making this our favorite late night destination!

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